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BW! one wonders ………….. where to begin …. obviously not at the beginning so maybe at the end… come closer and hear me whisper ……… “the end can be the beginning” As an afterthought, it is impossible to disregard the very beginning and although the story has already been told , to a certain extent, it is rather comforting to know that at any stage I may rather treat this blog as a therapist’s chair…….add my innermost thoughts at any hour of the day or night or maybe never….

Future Chaos”

“The Mask”

“The Accident”

“How does it feel”

“China has our business..”

“Going Somewhere”

“Today I am Muslim”

“A touch of justice”

“Somethings get under my skin”

“The path through my mind”

“Speak out : no more War”

“The dysfunctional family”

“Get me out of this cave”

“It comes and it goes”

“Walking with a friend”

“Journey of Dreams” series

“Death of a salesman”

“QC and the very fragile flower”

“You say this fantasy: so what”

“The little girl and her pet bird”

“In the house of fun”

” nude man on large green chair ”

“the burka series”

“the rats in the Rat”

“the man who went underground

to live in a wombat hole ”

” the girl who found freedom by eating the Eureka Flag ”

“the beautiful bird in her head ”

Freud said, ” there are no accidents” but it is through accidents that people’s lives change or people change other people’s lives…..

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…….our dysfunctional world

We are destroying ourselves through stupidity and lack of thought for one another.

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Faces of HIROSHIMA…..

The FACES of its people are but the HEARTBEAT of a CITY…completed child copy

kentaikyo geishacompletedchild copyKimonocompleted 3completed1geishamyajima child

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